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Drain Repairs - Excavation

Often the cause of a blocked drain and blocked drainage pipes is an underlying problem, if the problem can’t be resolved using no dig technologies then a drain excavation may be required.

During drain excavations we will trace and locate the problem area and dig down to solve the issue often by replacing the pipe with new or sectional repair.

Excavations should only be undertaken by trained and experienced drainage engineers. If you have been quoted for drainage works, we are happy to provide you with cost comparison quotation. So, get in contact today.


How Does Drain Excavation Work?

There are some instances where the issue is so severe that the only option is drain excavation. The drain in question might be old and in poor condition, or there might be multiple leaks that require the whole section of pipe to be replaced. 

Excavation can be done either by mini-excavators or by hand. While the use of tools does help to get the job done quicker, manually digging tends to be the safest, least disruptive method. It is especially useful when there are other pipes nearby, to ensure that no additional damage is done. Once our engineers have reached the pipe that needs to be repaired, they can then quickly and easily fix the damage or replace this section of pipe with a new one. We understand how disruptive it can be without services which is why the Astral Services team always work fast- but without compromising on quality.

After excavation and repairs, the final step in the process is site reinstatement. We plan this out from the very start so that once the repair work is done, we can quickly restore the affected area back to normal again. The trenches are all carefully dug to make it as simple as possible to reinstate the site at the end. Concrete, poles and tiles will all be replaced to the position they were. The area should therefore look tidy or better than we found it!

Not only do we give a 12 month guarantee on most of our works but if you leave us a review through Checkatrade you get a 12 month guarantee from them of up to £1000!

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