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Drain Repair - 'NO DIG'

No-dig drain repairs are a very popular service and do not require any excavation, so do not cause any mess or disruption to your property. This solution is also known as a “trenchless repair”. This is a reliable, quick and economical solution which can be used to patch short sections of pipe as well as full length linings.


How Do No Dig Drain Repairs Work?

The “no dig” method involves inserting a liner impregnated with resin into the damaged pipeline. Once in position, the liner is inflated to create a strong structural layer inside the pipe. This gives a water tight repair, sealing and protecting the pipe from further deterioration. The process will return the drain to full functionality and can be used on clay, concrete, fibre glass, PVC, iron and steel pipes.

Here at Astral Services we are Pipe Doctor Trained installers, meaning not only do we use WRC Approved materials but on any patch liners we install we can give a huge 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

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