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What Is Thrust Moling?

This method uses a soil displacement hammer - Like a torpedo with a reciprocating head driven by compressed air.

This creates a tunnel underground between the launch pit and the receiver pit. 

The pipe or cable can then be drawn through the tunnel making it great for trenchless works. 

This can be used under driveways, roads and in some cases under buildings. 


Why Use Thrust Moling?

This is our most common way of installing new water supplies. Due to not having to open excavate trenches this method proves more cost effective and less intrusive. 

How Is It Done?

Small pits are excavated at approximately every 10 meters or so and Moling used to connect them. Longer shots can be undertaken but a site assessment would be required to ascertain whether the ground is suitable. The Trenchless process is specifically designed to be far less intrusive and can often lead to a significant saving on reinstatement costs. This technology can be of particular benefit to Heritage sites where any disturbance is always a very sensitive issue.

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